Poetry-Thing Thursday: The Daring and Bold

There is no magic,
to the world anymore,
because we have harnessed,
reality to its core,
and have begun,
to seek out, explore,
that which at one time,
was cause for acts so sore.

Throughout human history,
there have always been those,
that keep us looking forward,
keep society on its toes.
They have been martyrs,
saints, scientists, heroes,
creatures out of time,
consumed by passion’s throes.

Without them we’d be,
much less than we are.
Our species might have faltered,
never come this far.
Earth would be nothing,
a lifeless rock orbiting its star.
Instead we’ve prospered,
ever-raising the bar.

Think on these things next time,
you turn on your television,
or fire up your radio.
Be grateful for that decision.
Without the daring of our benefactors,
and their keen mental precision,
we would be nothing,
but the butt of nature’s derision.

So thank you to the scientists,
the daring and bold,
the modern-marvel engineers,
and those of ancient old.
If it weren’t for you,
reality would scold,
any other hope for us,
and Humanity’s story could never be told.

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