A Quick Raw One From The Author

Hi friends, SMN here to drop a quick update on some things.

First, I managed to get an updated version of The Omega Device put together and uploaded to Smashwords and Kindle.(available in the sidebar->) If you previously purchased my book from Kindle, it will now be consistent with the former edition. (or should update itself to be in the next day or so.)

Second, I’ll be adding an experimental thing this (or possibly, next) week. A Wednesday Vignette series meant to be more disconnected and expository. I felt I needed a catch-all for anything interesting I have/am writing to give a bit more content for you.

So keep an eye on that for WEDNESDAYS.

Last but not least, I want to say a huge thank you to new and returning readers and remind them to check out the other places I’m at. (also sidebar ->) The last couple of months has seen surges in my readership.

Normally, that kind of stuff wouldn’t mean much to people, but it does to me. So, I feel I should say again, “Thank you for everything!”

Especially nowadays, its tough to do anything creative for a living, but I know the traction I’ve seen the last couple of months means I’m headed in the right direction. So, I want you to know how much it means to me that you are all the cause of that.

Until next time,




Poetry-Thing Thursday: The Daring and Bold

There is no magic,
to the world anymore,
because we have harnessed,
reality to its core,
and have begun,
to seek out, explore,
that which at one time,
was cause for acts so sore.

Throughout human history,
there have always been those,
that keep us looking forward,
keep society on its toes.
They have been martyrs,
saints, scientists, heroes,
creatures out of time,
consumed by passion’s throes.

Without them we’d be,
much less than we are.
Our species might have faltered,
never come this far.
Earth would be nothing,
a lifeless rock orbiting its star.
Instead we’ve prospered,
ever-raising the bar.

Think on these things next time,
you turn on your television,
or fire up your radio.
Be grateful for that decision.
Without the daring of our benefactors,
and their keen mental precision,
we would be nothing,
but the butt of nature’s derision.

So thank you to the scientists,
the daring and bold,
the modern-marvel engineers,
and those of ancient old.
If it weren’t for you,
reality would scold,
any other hope for us,
and Humanity’s story could never be told.

Three Day Quote Challenge: Day 1

So, here’s the deal, RaxtusDragon (a most excellent young writer you should all read!) has nominated me for a quote challenge. I have to say I’m humbled. Truly. I tend to think of myself as a rambling fool checked only by successive revisions that…

Hmm, moving along.

For three (nonconsecutive) days I’m to think up a quote then some people to nominate to continue the trend. I won’t hold any of the nominees to the fire to do this, but nominations are a sign that I enjoy your words. So without further padding for time, I present Day 1:

“The Universe is our home. It just so happens our point of origin’s a spheroid we call Earth.” -SMN


Thank you again to RaxtusDragon for the nomination.

My nominees (Day 1):

1. PoetGirlEm

2. OnTheHeath

3. EverythingINeverToldYou

For the nominees wondering about more direct rules:

1.Three quotes for three days (From you.)
2.Three nominees each day (no repeats).
3.Thank the person who nominated you. (I use a lotta’ these don’t I?)
4.Inform the nominees. (This is the last one, I promise.)

(Okay, I lied.)

New Announcement!

The Logbook Archives Volume 1 Coming Soon!

So, The Omega Device has been out a while, (if you haven’t yet, go buy it) and as promised, I’ve been hard at work on the first volume of The Logbook Archives. Above is the cover. It’s nothing too special, but I’m proud of it. A lot of respect has to go to Justin Callaghan for his excellent Space Age font that also graces this site’s logo. Mad props to him for his awesome work.

What is The Logbook Archives, and why Volume 1?

The Logbook Archives is the section of my site that I archive all of my works in. Essentially, this is the same thing in eBook format and with a special foreword written by yours truly. The book is also divided into sections with each one headed by a theme. I’ve decided, as is somewhat indicated by the cover, to make this an annual release after July of every year. (It has been a while since July, but I’ve been busy. Next year’s will probably come quicker.) “Volume 1” is self-explanatory then. It’s the first year. (And what a year it was!)

What’s in it?

Every short story and poem posted from July of 2015 to July of 2016. This does not include novellas however, they are much too long. As it stands the book’s manuscript in my word processor is already 350+ pages. The novellas will be released, but separately from this eBook and with their own covers. That is next on my list.

Why an eBook?

Simply, I know it is difficult to read a website sometimes. Either due to connection issues or the simple lack of wanting to read the format for extended periods. This is my solution to that, though I wouldn’t advise replacing visiting the site with reading the eBook since they come so far apart. This is your chance then, to take the Logbook with wherever you go, net or not, and in the process, help support it!

So when’s it coming?

I’m not entirely certain yet, but within the next month or so. There is still formatting to be done, and other decisions to be made. Rest assured though, it is coming, and it will be soon. I will announce a solid date ASAP.

In conclusion, I want to say a big thank you to everyone! You’ve made this last year so exciting and wonderful and I wouldn’t be where I am without you. If you like my site and don’t want to see it go away, buy my book, contribute to my patreon, or spread the word via blogs, Twitter, Facebook, or otherwise. I greatly appreciate all of you, and would hate to have to pack it in for fear of starvation. That said, I’ll probably be here until I drop from it, but I’d like to avoid it as long as possible. Also if you haven’t yet, you may follow and/or like my pages on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.

And stay tuned for a bonus poem coming later today!