My Humblest Thanks

My deepest gratuity and respect goes out to all those that have, and continue to, help and support me. Words could never properly express how grateful I am to all of you.

To Everyone At Home that continues to support my neurotic endeavor, despite my frequent frustration and general belligerence. Thank you all for everything.

3 thoughts on “My Humblest Thanks

  1. You are blessed to have support. My experience has been that my enthusiasm for my writing is not mirrored by my family members and friends. I’ve spoken to other writers about this and they have had similar experiences. When I need some shoring up, I speak with other writers or artists that I know. Usually, they will resonate with whatever I’m dealing with.


    1. I recognize how fortunate I am, though I’ve shared the same experiences to a large extent. Those few that continue to support me long after the others have left, have truly earned my deepest respect and gratitude. They are wonderful, kind people in all regards. I could never properly convey their necessity as emotional struts; as you said, most do not mirror the pursuit’s importance and it makes them all the more precious. From (though I hesitate to use the word) fans, to the fixed, stone-like people that never waver and the passersby that simply say “cool” when I talk about my work and it interests them: I could not do what I do without, in good conscience, being eternally grateful for their roles in my life. In the last few months of posting, I’ve found that many look fondly upon my work or not at all. In either case, publicizing it has made all the difference, given me a greater purpose and reason to continue what I do– even for the (comparably) meager few who’ve thus-far discovered my work. In time, I hope that number grows; not only for myself but for everyone who musters the courage to make public their words and/or continue despite those who unduly criticize or berate. I know that struggle too well, but I feel it would be ungrateful to focus on their negative influences in place of the other, great ones.

      If there’s anything to take from this needlessly long reply, perhaps it is that the struggle is necessary to making the craft worthy of a life’s purpose. As well, because of that fact, we must recognize and show appreciation for even the smallest, simplest gestures of aid, support, or belief– to that end, thank you for visiting my site. I hope you find some enjoyment or value in my work, and even more in your own.


      1. And I thank you for writing such a thoughtful and articulate comment. I wish you much success in your writing. You definitely possess the writing skills and passion to move forward


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