Jim Sterling’s videos detail what is happening in gaming, but the corruption of these tactics is now pandemic. It has become an ubiquitous effect of competition in the corporate market, that corruption and poison must needs be used. More than likely, because people are inoculated against anything less.

All the same, it makes you wonder; who are the corporations really serving with these acts?
The answer, as always, is themselves; the people directing and allowing their corrupted functions; those benefiting most directly from the corruption.

Look at Jim Sterling’s videos, his revelations on the gaming industry. Recognize this is inherent anywhere there is corporate money, influence, or competition. Then remember, you as a human, are the object of competition– as a ball is to a ballgame.

You are being battered for the sake of the satisfaction (of greed) of those involved. This is pandemic!

Thank God for Jim Sterling. He makes my job infinitely easier.


(For those interested)

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