Poetry-Thing Thursday: The All Knowing

Sex and sweat;
the stench of love,
the price of life,
and human progress.

Were it not for these,
we would not exist.
Trust in evolution,
and adaptation to hone our wits.

What do we get in return?
Silk skin, blonde hair,
colored eyes, warm thighs,
supple curves, hard angles.

Were it not for sex,
and love at that,
we would know no beauty,
nor grief or pain.

Think of this,
the next time you scheme:
whether man and woman,
man and man,
or woman and woman,
it’s all obscene.

But that’s the point.
It’s as it should be.
Love is love.

Hot, wet, reeking of shame–
or cold, fast,
naked, unclean.

But it keeps the world turning
The species going.
It is the beginning, the end,
and the all knowing.

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