Poetry-Thing Thursday: Tech Feelers

Ones and Zeroes
I play the Heroes.
Fantastical realms,
with steel and magical helms.

Engage the light.
Speeds are a fright.
When quantum theory,
becomes computer literary.

With a click and a whir,
holo-screen’s a-blur.
and keys that click and clack,
have become mere thoughts that stack.

Petabytes of information,
become moments of frustration,
as knowledge transforms
and ascends in cyber-storms.

When wi-fi is all around us,
and web 2.0 evolves in a fuss,
the bytes and the bits,
still will not quit.

So don’t fear the future,
or technology,
and don’t try to fight it,
just wait and see–
For reality is realer
when lived with tech feelers

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