Poetry-Thing Thursday: We Rule the Night

Morning flight,
motor madness fight.
Desiring the wind in the wings,
mind and body soaring.

Live to ride,
the winged dreams.
Who cares,
what it all means?

We make the meanings.
We soar in moonlight.
We plan meetings,
to rule in the night.

World of day,
will come it may,
but we’re not made for such a way,
need darkness for our fixed play.

Gods and queens,
don’t fall from trees,
but love it seems,
will brighten dreams

I’ve got a friend,
likes to pretend,
all I say,
he’ll understand.

But gods and queens
don’t grow on trees,
and gods and queens
have all they’ll need.
For us at least,
we’ll take greed.

So what of our midnight expose?
There’s nothing left to say;
we rule the night, unseen, outta’ sight,
and will leave you bleeding, as is our right.

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