Poetry-Thing Thursday: Suicide or Murder?

Suicide or Murder?



– Hello?

– Go

– NO!

(Hard, door shocks.)


A shot,

A thud,



Life is, in many ways,

what it’s perceive to be,

but when you’re looking from the outside,

you can never seem to see.

What is our happenstance,

our sown eternity?

The simple answer?

We see,

only what we wish to see.


We analyze things,

it is our greatest downfall.

As all around us the shot rings,

ever to be on-call.


But people aren’t,

quite so predictable.

It’s why we have wars:

nothing’s so simple,

Was it the first or the other?

No one can be sure.






birth and death,


Was it suicide or murder?

Make the call,

be the bloke.

Can you see?

Will you deceive?

What a cruel joke.

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