Poetry-Thing Thursday: Come in, Come in

Come in here for a moment,

let me show you what goes on:


Flashes of pain,

Death and dying.

Rebirth in flame.

Ascent or crashing–

choose the name.


Deeper now.

In you come.



of anger and greed,

abandoned hope,

in time with need.

Restless peace,

For the deadened weed.


Now that you’re in,

here’s a spin:

it’s all misrepresented,

in situation.


Open mind.

Formal lies,

of a casual kind.

Your worthless tries,

never remind.


Do you sense,

a misguided presence?

Are you certain,

of the vessel’s proud curtain?


When you leave,

please wipe your feet.

For the outside is clean,

but in here you’re beat.


It is my place of honor,

neither death nor defeat,

I’ve brought it upon her,

But you’ll forever repeat.

Lines of cries and pleas, and hate,

To topple me is no small feat.