Poetry-Thing Thursday: For Me, For You

Nicotine stains my fingers,
while they beat a rhythm over keys.
Color flickers beneath them,
from multicolored LEDs.

What do I say?
To Whom do I say it?
Hope and love and peace,
things I used to preach.

But now things have changed.
My mind’s estranged–
not from reality,
but sheer morality;

the is and the was,
the what and the how,
even the where,
is not the now.

Slaving each day,
for no monetary pay.
I’m crazy some say–
or stupid, in a way.

But I do what I do,
for the hope of all,
to read and to listen,
let reason befall.

Whether for its own benefit,
or the mere fun of it.
I give you words.
Let them be heard,

and perhaps felt,
by one and by all,
whether big or small,
I give them to you,
so we might never fall.

Poetry-Thing Thursday: Colors

On a warm summer’s morning,
cool dew clings to grass.
Sunrise kisses the milk-white skin,
of her bare-naked breasts.

Cool pale meets hard pink.
It stiffens against the breeze.
She sits, leaned back,
arms propping her up.
to gaze at the awakened hues.

Bluish-green taints milk-white,
in lightning strike patterns,
from veins pumping crimson blood,
compelled by a red heart beneath.

Her head tilts back.
Sandy hair cascading.
The first rays of sun engulf it,
warm it with their soft yellow light,
and reveal the gentleness,
of motive in her ice-blue eyes.

To know her is to love her,
orange and daring,
but so very few do,
for the gray and the white of shyness,
make her humbling privilege gold,
atop her palette of affections.

Still she sits, until satisfied,
atop a verdant, dewy hill,
waiting for something,
no matter the color,
to move her back to life.

When it does not come,
she instead lies backward,
baring her self to blue skies,
and hoping, even dreaming,
for the Sun’s color-filled goodbye.

A quick update for your Labor Day.

I’ll do my best to keep this brief so everyone can get back to their burgers and brews (or if you’re not American, your after-work defrag time)

As you may have noticed, there’s a new header image at the top of the page. For the moment, this is a static item advertising my new Patreon page. In essence, I’ve decided to humbly request contributions from anyone wishing to contribute less (or more!) than a simple ebook’s price. The Link is just below it to the right.

In return for your support, (Thank you in advance!) there’s some cool rewards, with more to come as soon as I’m able to extend them.

While The Omega Device will be out sometime tomorrow for all whom wish to purchase it, (Amazon never gave me a straight answer on precise time of day) I expect I’ll be relying more heavily on Patreon than book sales. However, rest assured that more books are on their way soon, and the weekly posts will keep coming! (Tomorrow’s short story is called Apex, for anyone wanting to know ahead of time.)

On top of that, I may also be adding a regular Wednesday post, though I’m not certain yet. More on that in the coming days.

So there it is, short and sweet. Give me money and I get to keep giving you stories. Pretty straightforward, eh? Anywho, enjoy your burgers, brews, and defrag time!



Poetry-Thing Thursday: Let Go

Close your eyes.
Hear my voice.
No, not that one.
Yes, the other one.

Imagine you and me,
side by side,
atop damp sand,
before an endless sea.

This is a moment,
we may never experience,
except in words and images,
conveyed through ink or text.

Still we must admit,
that this is sacred,
hearts open, giving, receiving,
as we walk or stand or sit.

So here in this moment,
I feel obligated to tell,
that we have no need for gods,
or hate, or greed,
that beauty is all we need.

These words are not,
meant to stir anger nor spite,
but rather to show that wisdom,
is what has been forgot.

So here in this moment,
as the tides kiss our feet,
accept my wisdom-plea,
and let go of what you do not need.

When the heart is free,
its burdens relieved,
clarity will set in.
And here by the sea,
you and I will feed,
on the most atrocious “sin”–
open minds and hearts,
and wisdom, the key.