2018 New Year Update! (HAPPY [late] NEW YEAR!)

Incoming transmission from the Wordsmith of Sol:

Merry late…everything, everybody!

First off, I wanna apologize for any neglect of late. It has been hectic the last few months and I’ve been less active and involved lately. Sorry. I’ve been forced to split time between books, site-work, re-formats, image editing, and the mental debauchery necessary to keep my sanity through them.

All the same, I’m hoping it’ll be less of an issue going forward. I’ll be doing my best to manage my time and be more active, but ultimately it may seem to start slow and sporadic as I work more interaction into my routine.

In the meantime, if you want to take some of the load off, link my site or even a specific story to people you think might enjoy it. As ever, you know I’m hugely grateful.

Moving along.

It’s been a while since I’ve updated you with plans present and future. So without further stalling for time:

New ebooks— I’m working on new ebook versions of previously released material. This will fix formatting and typographical errors, but if you happen to come across any and they bother you, please let me know so I can fix them. The is the unfortunate effect of being unable to pay for an editor, but I am immensely grateful to those that help and will credit you appropriately.

Smashwords— part of this re-formatting is being done for the sake of Smashwords.

If you don’t know, Smashwords is like Amazon Kindle but allows me to sell my books world-wide and (potentially) millions more people by redistributing to other digital retailers. A full list can be found here, if you’re interested.

Novels— In case you’re not aware, Free Fall  is futuristic Sci-Fi set two-hundred years after depleting resources resulted in nuclear war across Earth’s surface. This event, or series of them, caused survivors to hollow swaths of earth to live within. There, they constructed intricate digital networks of synthetic life; machines created to mimic the nature lost above, but at the cost of an equally intricate digital illusion blinding them to reality.

Currently well on its way toward completion, Free Fall’s release is TBD, but expect it sometime late 2018-early 2019.

Last, but not least!

Novellas, Short Stories, & New universe–Over time, I will be releasing stories from a new “universe” I’ve begun building. I won’t spoil anything, but they will connect to one another in subtly obvious ways, but also to others both released and not.

Fleshing out this world has become a bit of a passion project, but I’m eager for it. Why? Wait and see. I can tell you though, I’m excited about it.

So, keep an ear out for all this and more this year. I’ll do my best to be more present, but if you’ve got any questions, ask ’em. And as always, thanks for reading!


P.S. Pardon any digital dust over the next weeks. I’ll be periodically updating parts of the site. If you have any suggestions or comments, leave ’em here and let me know what you think.

Transmission Ends.

A sort of (not so) quick update.

So, it’s been a while since I’ve said anything directly to you, my dear readers. I tend to want my work to speak for itself and don’t have much to say otherwise anyhow. Today though, I thought I’d update everyone.

As promised, each week I’ve been posting new stories, poems, or chapters of novellas and the like. For now this will stay the same. I’ve been toying with the notion of adding another day of content, but I haven’t quite worked that out yet. Rest assured that I’m still working many hours every day to keep the content coming. As you may have noticed, there’s quite a wide variety as far as genres go. While I consider myself primarily a sci-fi author, I’m no stranger to working outside that genre. (Or even outside definable monikers altogether)

So, what’s this really about? Anything special to talk about? Or just more mindless ravings from the innards of madman? Little bit of both actually. I’d like to first say thank you to everyone that has read, continues to read, or is discovering my work for the first time. I love that the internet’s given all of us a place to share these things, and the power to do what we love. While I do intend to do more with other forms of work in the future, (Ie, Novels, traditional and/or self-publishing, etc) there will always be a commitment to this site.

On that note, I would like to say that I’m working on bringing purchasable, ebook formats of certain works to the digital marketplaces. It will take some time, but keep an eye out for forthcoming details. You might be thinking; Oh, but it’s free here, why would I pay for it then? Well simply, we’ve all got to eat. Even immortals like myself– though I generally prefer the hearts of vanquished foes.

Whatever is eventually compiled and up for purchase will remain free on the site, but e-books/sales will allow people that format, which is slightly more accessible and easy to read. Apart from eventually helping me upgrade the site to a real, paid version, this will also help me avoid bread-lines somewhat, if not entirely. (I mean, they’re so damned long nowadays!) There may also be some kind of crowd-funding venture in the future, but again, I’ll keep everyone updated if/when that happens.

So there’s the thing no-one really likes to talk about, but that I kinda’ have to broach. I’m not deluded to think I’ll end up with some crazy cash-flow or pile of gold, but I’d like to be able to provide the aforementioned, and unfortunately, can’t do it without at least some avenue of funding behind it.

Phew! Okay, that wasn’t so awful, was it? (I would like to reiterate: No-one should feel obligated to commit funds– or maybe they should, you know, if they’re the guilty type. In that case, shut up and give me money!)

Anywho, tomorrow’s another short story as usual for Tuesdays and there may be a bonus story this week, but I’m not certain yet. So thanks for reading, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for more updates. I’ll give more info when it’s relevant. For now, enjoy what’s here and what’s to come, and thanks for reading!