VIN 8- Be Weird

Weird is the spice of life, and spices only come into play when food is guaranteed.

When something can be assured, but needs adding to, it is then at its next level of cultivation, evolution. It is at the precipice which is the most fragile but fruitful time possible. It is, in no lesser terms, at its Golden Age– at very least, one of them.

Life is no different.

So, be weird. Weird is generalized. Non-specific. It’s neither white nor black, but not exactly neutral either. Weird is brown; Earthen, the in-between. As is life; the in between unlife and death, nonexistence and unexistence, matter and decayed matter– anti matter, entropy, nothingness.

Life is the moment in which these unassailable forces are momentarily defied. To harness it is to recognize it is illimitable once properly understood.

It takes but a few to understand this, yet many more to make that understanding functional, useful– so that it may spread to all and affect them equally. However, beware those seeking benefit from evading Golden Ages, prolonging suffering-periods. Why, remains as ever the explanation of the species in question.

In the case of Humans, it is power. Knowing this, it is easy to see that labels grouping the powerless and non-power hungry then become categories for oppression.

So, if you must be anything, be everything. Be general, non-specifc. Be Brown. Be weird. Life is guaranteed, living isn’t.

VIN 7- Dig it?

We are, each of us, an avatar of something.

We are, each of us, the collective manifestation of our species’ knowledge on something. Or at the very least, one of them. We need only discern which of those somethings we’re good at or drawn to, then allow ourselves to fall into its motions.

If each of us is in our own place, each of us has our own place and is provided for by the system overall.

This is the issue with the current system; it does not have a place for everyone. That much is evidenced by the amount of turbulence, seen as waves of otherwise ill-effect (unemployment, homelessness, social negative attributes) without any seeming point of origin. This is the unfortunate effect of a stressed system; it is erratic, unpredictable, and chaotic.

The structure of a system and its mechanics is such that any one, minute deviation can ripple into extreme turbulence system-wide. As unfortunate as it may seem for a society, these are simple facts, realities:

For a system to have instability it must be unstable. In turn, instability grows exponentially in response to itself. Finally, for an unstable system to be rectified, it must eventually reset, shutdown for repair, or shut down entirely, or it will seize up.

Though inviolable, these truths are not unavoidable.

Until each of us finds our avatar-space, and our system can once again account for them all, it will not stabilize. Because ultimately, all things are cyclical revisions; concentric circles of events emanating minute changes and refinements forward, along the paths of progress and time.

When the whole becomes effected, the system will cycle.

In programming, this a call-check. In writing, a draft-revision. It is the measure twice, cut-once of society. The reboot after the update. The system’s health as a whole is registered in the extremity of its own aberrations, their types, and frequency.

Some, such as power failures; are to be avoided at all costs in a system. Why? Simply to avoid internal, infrastructure damage which can halt or destroy the system entirely– the utter antithesis to any system’s design.

In the case of society, power is a feeling of security made manifest. Confidence in oneself; their mastering of they or their surroundings; this is ultimately what humans seek. Not bigger and better things, but rather, through bigger and better things.

When a society is left insecure, powerless, or feeling as such, the result is much darker and deeper-rooted than Humans as a whole can risk ignoring. Neither as a group, nor individuals. Currently, Human society has an over-abundance of these deep-rooted mind-weed corruptions.

The only path forward then, is to accept that mind-weed corruption will always exist and prune what we needs must. Until then, the world will remain overgrown with corruption.

But it is the weed and we are the gardeners, dig it?