Preview: Hot Iron

On the piers of Neo-Chicago’s Chinatown district, an underwater explosion rocks the night. The NCPD’s media-blackout forces locals to take to the net to report and speculate on the event, but one woman alone is set to learn the truth. Kennedy Hart, a nurse in Neo-Chicago’s Rush Medical ICU, arrives to find two burn-victims misdirected to her unit. What she learns soon after will have her fearing for more than her job…

From an action-packed SWAT raid, to a high-speed street pursuit, follow Kennedy as she pursues the truth behind the bombing, her new patients, and the governmental forces holding her job hostage. Will she keep to the terms of their clandestine deal, or will the forces they seek to thwart overwhelm them both? Find out, here, starting next week!

She rounded for the hall and into a man in a suit cut so sharp it made her eyes bleed. She was stunned. He pulled out a bi-fold wallet, flashed a badge that vaguely registered as FBI; “Misses Hart?”

“Miss,” she corrected habitually. “Yes? Can I help you?”

“Miss Hart, would you come with me please?”

Kennedy glanced at the two nurses whom stared, open-mouthed at their computers. She cleared her throat, stammered out a reply, then followed with a curious amble. He directed her into a room with other suited men and women, extended a hand to a offer her a seat, and the room sat together.

A man at the head of table watched her for a long moment. Then, with a lean, he interlocked his fingers on the table, “Everything you’re about to hear is a matter of national security, should any of this be repeated outside this room, you will be jailed and tried for high-treason. Do you understand?”

Kennedy stared.

The Nexus Project: Preview

Do you like cute and cuddly cats? How about fluffy Labradors? Are you maybe a fan of neurotic birds and slightly undervalued humans? What about a Lioness with a sordid past and a dark secret she refuses to tell?

If you answered yes to the last two, then you should probably visit a mental health professional– you know, just to be safe. But make sure you return before next Friday when The Nexus Project debuts.

A story of mystery, intrigue, action, and a solar system full of evolved, humanoid animals that join Humanity on the quest of conquering Sol’s numerous colonies. With the aide of a Lioness, and later, a cynical Wolf, Human Simon Corben must uncover the truth behind a theft at the Interspecies Scientific Collaboration– the foremost scientific institution in the Sol system. Will they be able to discover the shady villains orchestrating the act, or will they have to watch as Sol’s people have their greatest achievement plucked from their grasp? Find out here starting next week!

A small bot, like a lopsided gourd, nudged Simon’s foot. Its lone, ocular sensor, a flexible eye on a thin neck, stared up myopically. Simon swore he saw partied out red-lines in there somewhere, but knew it was just his imagination.

“You were off your charger all night again weren’t you?” He asked with a disappointed look. It beeped a binary lie of “No.” Simon rolled his eyes, “Great. You’re turning into a lying smart ass.” It beeped cheerfully. He sighed, led it to a table, and went about plugging a battery pack into its rear-panel. “You know you’re useless when you don’t charge properly. You were up data-changing with that maintenance bot again weren’t you?”

Rearden gave a few quick beeps as he switched on the batt-pack. A moment later, the bot hovered from micro-jets on its belly, beeped a “thank you,” then whizzed off for a computer across the room.

The Collective: A Preview

Do you like sci-fi? How about action? With a side of bloody vendetta, cyberpunk, and swordplay?

If you’ve answered yes, and are suddenly wondering why I’ve begun sounding like a television announcer, then keep your eyes out for The Collective, starting next Friday, — and stop questioning my methods, I can be a television announcer if I want.

Excerpt From The Collective;

Someone fidgeted, finger on the trigger. Lex leapt, spun, blades sliced air, marred flesh, sundered bone and spinal nerves. Two of the leftmost squad were decapitated in a flick of wrists. The others reacted, moved to take aim. Rifles were kicked from hands, bodies winded and propelled back with tremendous force. The dual blades mutilated wrists, incised throats. Screams turned to gurgles and bubbling whispers.

The room went silent again from the dead and wounded.

A short summary: The Collective is ten chapters of one woman’s masterfully executed plan of sabotage and vengeance against a small group seeking to rule the world. Set against the backdrop of a nearly-abandoned Tokyo, the cyberpunk-esque setting follows Lex and her blood-thirsty swords as they aim to awaken a global population from The Sleep– a technological take-over that has left the world largely abandoned.

But how can one woman hope to change the world? Find out starting March 18th, 2016.

(P.S. I promise I’ll only do the announcer thing when it’s necessary…)