Poetry-Thing Thursday: The Final Sigh

The Final Sigh


it’s all that comes out.
Is it pathetic,
or a fake-out?
Do you know,
what you feel?
Or is it all,
too surreal?


You need to vacate,
your mind’s current state.
You should maintain,
keep straight and abstain.
But will you know,
when you’ve gone too low?


It’s all a matter of lines.
Do you see the signs?
We’re living hard times,
all around us ’til the final sigh.


She’s got a girl,
who is her world.
She drives her insane,
it isn’t humane.
But can she tell,
when life’s a living hell?


It’s all a matter of lines.
Cross and pay the fines.
Three or four chimes,
bell’s at the final sigh.


Can you feel it,
on the inside?
Will you stay lit,
in a breaking tide? 

It’s all a matter of time,
until the final sigh.