Bonus Poem: Go Have a…

Tick and then tock.
I’ve the mind of a clock,
who’s brightened the flock,
with his elegant…

Tempo and rhyme’a,
In bodily time’a,
with a woman named Dinah,
I loved ‘er…

Muscles I flex,
for a soon-to-be ex,
maybe after she’ll hex,
but for now we’ll have…

It’s a wonder we hate,
when we all have a fate,
that though born to wait,
we’ll all copulate.

Then, with heart like a drum,
pulse and blood make a sum,
together, or alone in a slum,
we’ll all some day…

When at last you have moaned,
or perhaps groaned,
fingers tense and dethroned,
everyone loves to …

When it’s over that’s it,
the sore, used up bit,
of the partner thus quit,
she calls it a…

Ah, innuendo you see,
it needs not to flee,
nor even be,
more than a few syllables,
of rhymery.

So sturdy your ruck,
plough through the muck,
or go ‘n get stuck,
however you do it,
just go have a…