Poetry-Thing Thursday: Plastic Mandibles

In the ocean,
swirls a mile of garbage,
blown there by man’s ignorance
and the ever-tidal currents.

Think on that for a moment.

Good, now listen:
The Earth,
is our home,
not our prison.

One day that may change,
as we soar to the stars,
colonize Mars,
but for now they’re out of range.

So remember the poison,
the trash and chemicals,
and the plastic mandibles,
you dump in the ocean.

They will one day come ’round,
perhaps not then, perhaps not now,
but remember too this creed;
in mindfulness is wisdom found.

Stop hurting the Earth,
for hers is as much your worth.

Poetry-Thing Thursday: My Box

I haven’t left my box,
much at all this year.
Some say it’s a bad thing,
that I live in constant fear.

But the truth is,
my box is really quite large,
when my imagination descends,
and it takes charge.

Some people say that,
my box’s walls are uncouth.
I disagree,
but ’cause I know the truth:

That boxes,
ones both bigs and smalls,
are around us all each day,
most with invisible walls.

I like my box and keep it cool,
or in the winter cozy and warm.
But some still say my box,
does me lots of harm.

But I don’t believe it,
and I think I know why;
just between you and me,
my box has better views of the sky.

And ones of the beyond if I choose,
past the stars and the moon,
the sun and solar system,
to places so far, I can’t return soon.

Cause its out there I’m soaring,
while my hands remain here, writing.
And though my mind’s in the clouds,
it’s my box that keeps me here, safe

from fighting–
from crying,
from sighing,
or even white-lying.
‘Cause my box is like yours,
but different,
for it is ever,