Poetry-Thing Thursday: We’ve Had Words

We’ve had words,
most of which will never be remembered.
Ran with different herds,
that nonetheless vanished late September.

But all the same,
I felt sadness, isolation,
when your name,
appeared for death’s orientation.

Though I feel very little,
these days for those of the past,
I’ve never found acquittal,
for broken hearts at flags half-mast.

It was a lifetime ago,
for you especially now,
that I watched your storm blow,
but now you’ve taken your bow.

The lights have dimmed.
The stage is gone.
Your mascara thinned,
all now over yon.

Out of time and space and life,
a fire dimmed forever, ne’er to be bright,
but to also never feel strife,
nor fade without a fight.

Strangers, perhaps we were,
but I feel you’d say otherwise.
Even if I were a blur,
you’d never allow for lies.

So now we say goodbye.
Forevermore do we part,
and with a lone, final sigh,
I lock you away in my heart.

Bonus Poem: 200 and Counting

200 and counting, human years do I mean.
Awakened half-dead to a world once seen,
as progress and virtue now contaminated, unclean.
Where is the hope which we all wish to glean?

Poisoned by radiation, a cry-ogenic dream,
I search for gradation in what ominous I deem;
to follow the dog or to leave it I seem,
to recall that a fall was lonely downstream.

A world once burned up in lust,
from a greater than great, quite dismal distrust,
it cost us a fortune greater when lost,
but the masters have gone, are now turned to dust.

Now minutes between men and women adorned,
by the punctual gun-fire of early morn,
but battles to wage are an acceptable thorn,
for part of a world that is bred but not born.

And when night-fall comes with a beacon of light,
ahead a dominating, large diamond site.
A green jewel of modern, machined upper-class,
that to decayed folks is a pain in their ass.

Is it a friend or foe, a lover or tribal,
that I meet just upon my arrival,
for I know the Piper of the marble,
papers are often on the lips as a garble.

Japanese robots and synthetic fear,
swirl ironically in the air,
while no-one else is really quite clear,
of what it is that’s in the water ’round here.

Mutated husks from captives retrieved,
stolen at night, just like the thieved,
whose hounds howled with greatness but weaved,
alerted that others were madly aggrieved.

To run or to fight, the eternal questions,
when faced with this world’s endless distractions,
To wish or to hope are both useless abstractions,
when cog and sword form metal contraptions.

A final repose is all that there be,
when the fires of synthetics are all that you see,
For the Railroad is hidden and so is its plea,
And they’re simply of no further uses to me.

So after 200 years and some change,
We’re back to warm fires and home on the range,
while around us doth nuclear fission estrange,
the past and the future from the present’s dog-mange.

Bonus Poem: To Your Ship and Yourself…

Through the stars and back again,
my flight assist my only companion,
her growl is smooth like satin and silk,
while her dual sustained-lasers murder bountiful ilk.

They call her a cobra, mark-3, type of plane,
but I call her a ship, one with no name.
She and I understanding that tame,
has no honest place in the bounty-hunt game.

Through sol-type stars do we scoop,
hydrogen-elemental fuel as we loop,
with thrusters at minimum super cruise,
Oh how the stars shift to streams of white hues.

When it comes time to collect our reward,
we break for the nearest place to starboard,
then charge the frame-shift for a nominal horde,
of power and thrust, and navigation on-board.

Then orbiting nowhere in the middle of space,
she and I set down at the landing place,
to collect bounties, ammunition, cargo and fuel
we correct, re-outfit, repair and retool.

With a slow vert-motion, we rise,
into heavenly, star-brightened skies,
where once again we will hear lies,
from pirates and smugglers, governments we despise.

And if in a moment of weakness we sit,
in the vacuum of space beaten to a pulpit,
re-start her engines, I do it real quick,
for the canopy’s blown but I’ve still got the stick.

When at last her engines ignite,
her dashboard comes on ready for flight,
I pull out the stops and fly her just right,
to the nearest space station with all of my might.

Nothing could ever be quite so satisfying,
as when in my ship it and I are two, flying,
so take heed when I say these words to you too,
“To your ship and yourself, always be true.”

Poetry-Thing Thursday: Shadows to Run

More like Drekker;
A pile of festering filth in the night,
That’s rotted and writhing just out of sight,
from a neural-shocked matrix dump made out of light.

Corporate stooges, suits and wage-slaves,
all for creds from the brazen and brave,
he who’s in shadows runs to their grave
but is never en-chained nor known to be knave.

A ballad of futures where fortunes forgot,
those on the bottom that secured them their spot.
Is it a vision, a feature, a nightmare, or not?
Or is it our future on our heels that is hot?

The anarchic flux of states and of coin,
all at the mercy of the soft corporate loin.
For the common man it’s little but a kick to the groin,
a star-hot, bright visage, they’re never to join.

Magic bejeweled an eclipse of two worlds,
that joined at both tops and bottoms unfurled,
enmeshed to give birth to a sixth now hurled,
through death and destruction, the fire it curled.

If you’ve a long hallowed late-night to run,
beneath sewers and brewers, the setting sun,
don’t forget to keep your wits out for some fun,
‘neath the corporate pants of an blinded old nun.

For the night never tires,
nor ends before dawn,
but the sun it is setting,
and you’ve shadows to run.