Poetry-Thing Thursday: Finding the Sea Part 5

Desert Rain


She moans in her sleep,

needs something to eat,

must do more to earn her keep.

Yet she will not release.


Grips my arm,

looks forewarn,

it’s coming on now,

the heart will be torn.


Slowly cascading,

curving steadily.

Defying all the earth,

and laws of gravity.


The first rains,

this desert has seen,

in a thousand years,

of forgotten dreams.


So small and isolated,

yet great in its own,

finally she’s seeing,

how important is her home.


With us wherever we go,

no matter what we know,

or what we try to show,

all that glitters is gold.


Her sadness reaches me,

somehow I’m not ready.

Something appeases me,

something I’ve missed to see.


Her eyes open.

Concern, confusion.


– I’m sorry must’ve been a nightmare.

Sounds like life, I’ve been there.

– I feel so strange and so close.

Our minds have no distance,

all we see is cloaked.


She smiles at me,

“I love what you do,

Set me up, let me see.

If things were different,

I know what you could do to me.”







We can’t know who we are

until we do,

the unthinkable.


She laughs.

Desert love and sweet repress,

things will be different now,

– Nothing lasts.

Her decisiveness,

my relapse.


I’ve known now,

the most despairing kinds of love.

I see how we are all,

“sent from above.”


Nothing more in this world,

should be shown,

than true loving passion,

life’s sweet cologne.


We must love to pass time,

we must burn to shine.


Only our first day

already past dismay,

Now death and dying,

and earthly decay.


Today it has rained

in the Desert of Forgotten Pain.

Poetry-Thing Thursday: Finding the Sea Part 4

The Desert Of Lost Memory


Deeper inside, yet one in the same

this barren land graced with no name.

So many things we see inside,

so many more we live without lie,

without hatred, decried,

without the land that bore us,

to darken our eyes.


Her lips are silent,

in line with her thoughts.

Her only attention,

lies deep in the plot.


I thought I’d show,

after a stop,

what it is about life,

you’ve truly forgot.


Pretty things,

nice rings,

a place to call your own.

Broken wings,

cold springs,

those fallen from the throne.


Inside have I seen,

of all this life convened,

and so in my hands, I hold the key

to all your wildest dreams.


Further in now,

or closer to out?

I hadn’t planned,

all of this drought.


Apathetic release,

springs new hoping trees.

They grope with desperate pleas.

But in time you see,

its nothing more than illusory.

Power and fate,

pleasure and pain,

we’re all more than thee.


Something inside must die,

so that nothing more can hide,

deep within,

covered by pride.


Liberate me,

as I will you.

Our hearts desire wild,

falling through.

Loss of hope, recognition,

all that we hold true.

Here in the desert,

now do I show you.


Come night we must rest,

in sweet duress,

all part of finding

life, happiness.


Learning to rely on one another,

We find comfort,

warmth, release,

when we become,

all that we have seen.


Do you sleep,

and often dream ?

Do you recall forgotten,

childhood scenes?

All are contained,

here, within a dream.


Sweet moon’s star-shines,

above broken clouds.

Hot sun faded,

But only for now.


In dreams do you see,

all you can be?


Here are the words,

we all want to say,

contained in the dream,

of a long lost day.


Are you frightened?

Would you scream,

if I told you I’d read,

your most private dream?


Have you ever faltered,

do you think you shall?

Tomorrow is a new day,

help lift the shroud.