Poetry-Thing Thursday: Best When Lived Right

Characteristic souls suffer in silence,
while effete tools eke out unimaginable existences,
that cause collateral casualties via circular causality,
from hatred that homes its hammers on honesty and honor.

Seek not the darkness,
it will find you soon enough.
And weep not for heartless,
your wounds will need you tough.
And if the light should find you too,
rejoice in the reprieve from doom,
for it is eternal,
and you are not.

Eyeing eggs of eternity from eons beyond an eager era,
is the province of science’s promise, prophets, and principle,
whom no matter their name find the game lame,
so meddle with neurons of nits whom know nothing.

For the darkness recedes,
but a few moments–
a flash of light and breath,
we call life.
It is short and sweet.
Delicious between sheets.
A flickering torch,
ever haunted by darkness.

So make the most of your time,
your light,
your life,
for there’s one and one alone,
and it’s best when lived right.