Poetry-Thing Thursday: The Shelter

The Shelter


In the shelter,

there is no happiness, no hope.

Our only home,

is desperation,

a levee soon broke.


With wide gaze,

we look into the beyond.

Through an unbidden haze,

of the generations gone.


Day comes with darkness,

night turns to light.

We hope for attrition,

some end to the fight.


Still we continue,

for reasons unknown.

Someone is watching.

Our hands raw to the bone.


In all our existence,

there is but one.

Who comes from happenstance,

for all or for none?


Scraps of humanity,

are all that’s contained.

Here in the shelter,

where it never rains.


In time we’ll die,

as more will rise.

Those that’ll cry,

forever reprise.


Here in the shelter,

where we bleed for power,

beat the last hearts of mankind,

that forever cower.