Bonus Poem: Into You I Fall

wrap me in velvet,
and keep me warm.
For the nights are long,
and I am just born.

I’ve entered this world,
in the most usual of ways.
from the last of my days.

Once more I’ll live,
and one day die,
but until then I’ll give,
my all– or at least try.

For life is a gift,
not one from deities,
but rather for all,
whom share its proclivities.

When again I am forced,
to close my eyes,
and from life be divorced,
then I will sleep like no other.

Until then,
swaddle my soul,
in an endless abode,
of love and warmth,
and happiness untold.
For I am just born,
and this world it’s cold,
but I’ll know nothing of that,
until I am old.

hold me in dreams,
for heaven it seems,
is not a fiction,
but a place without seams.

It is on the Earth,
inside of us all,
so hold me close, sleep,
while into you, I fall.

For my gorgonZola…

Poetry-Thing Thursday: We’ve Had Words

We’ve had words,
most of which will never be remembered.
Ran with different herds,
that nonetheless vanished late September.

But all the same,
I felt sadness, isolation,
when your name,
appeared for death’s orientation.

Though I feel very little,
these days for those of the past,
I’ve never found acquittal,
for broken hearts at flags half-mast.

It was a lifetime ago,
for you especially now,
that I watched your storm blow,
but now you’ve taken your bow.

The lights have dimmed.
The stage is gone.
Your mascara thinned,
all now over yon.

Out of time and space and life,
a fire dimmed forever, ne’er to be bright,
but to also never feel strife,
nor fade without a fight.

Strangers, perhaps we were,
but I feel you’d say otherwise.
Even if I were a blur,
you’d never allow for lies.

So now we say goodbye.
Forevermore do we part,
and with a lone, final sigh,
I lock you away in my heart.