Three Day Quote Challenge: Day 1

So, here’s the deal, RaxtusDragon (a most excellent young writer you should all read!) has nominated me for a quote challenge. I have to say I’m humbled. Truly. I tend to think of myself as a rambling fool checked only by successive revisions that…

Hmm, moving along.

For three (nonconsecutive) days I’m to think up a quote then some people to nominate to continue the trend. I won’t hold any of the nominees to the fire to do this, but nominations are a sign that I enjoy your words. So without further padding for time, I present Day 1:

“The Universe is our home. It just so happens our point of origin’s a spheroid we call Earth.” -SMN


Thank you again to RaxtusDragon for the nomination.

My nominees (Day 1):

1. PoetGirlEm

2. OnTheHeath

3. EverythingINeverToldYou

For the nominees wondering about more direct rules:

1.Three quotes for three days (From you.)
2.Three nominees each day (no repeats).
3.Thank the person who nominated you. (I use a lotta’ these don’t I?)
4.Inform the nominees. (This is the last one, I promise.)

(Okay, I lied.)

Poetry-Thing Thursday: Trial by Fire

Trial by fire.
A fistful of ire.
Head in a mire.
A funeral pyre.
Entreating desire,
formed of a liar.

Feast on confusion,
for ignorance fusion,
is like a mental contusion,
wrought by collusion,
and the pitiful delusion,
of total inclusion.

The death of our choice,
has taken our voice,
and left to rejoice,
within a new Rolls-Royce.

It took along our freedom,
as lady-liberty went numb,
to keep from promoting ’em,
but they totaled her sum.

So now our country burns,
while Earth makes its turns,
and thinking-machines learns,
though they no longer yearns,
for the silence they earns–
we’ve seen Humanity’s urns.

We’ll all burn to ashes,
from those skeptical dashes,
whose freedom-check cashes,
from under us in flashes,
while violence mashes,
and against our heads bashes.

Our only option,
an unearthly concoction,
to launch us in auction,
of stars’ adoption.

So that one day we might,
put down the fight,
and shine out our light,
as beings of height.
What a lovely thought, right?