VIN 4- Tech Darkness

People aren’t simple.

Teaching this idea is one of society’s greatest mistakes. Failing to recognize it as the horrendous inaccuracy it is, reinforces the divide between individuals.

Consider two people, alike in every way as individuals, but separated by economic extremes. In essence, the Dickenzian love-story between aristocrat and peasant.

This sort of societal block stifles growth of the whole by limiting the potential for aberration or mutation. Not only in the gene pool, but ideologically as well. These processes, wholly interlinked with social evolution, act like a wrench in fine-tuned gear-work in face of these blocks.

This is an admittedly rare and misleading example, but it illustrates the sort of manipulation possible in certain societies– such as that found in Tale of Two Cities. In other words, Revolutionary-era France.

The difference now is the oversight of the peasant-turned iron-fisted leadership; it is total. Through the medium of technology. Technology is enlightening and fulfilling, satisfying on many levels depending on its use.

But at its core, it is a thing of indifference, not virtue. Therefore, its virtue is a product of its use.

What it is used for currently, is insidious. Advertising, social engineering, unrightful surveillance, unlawful collection of said evidence. All of it has invaded every facet of life, demanding conformity.

But ultimately, the technology is just a tool. Its abusers, their failure to recognize their very existence as fault, is the problem. The end-user, in other words.

Technology is a child we are slowly but surely grooming for darkness.

We have helped it create shadow-industries. Introduced it to opportunistic-profiteers. Used it to tie nooses and binds around necks and wrists. And in little more than a quarter century, we’ve multiplied its collective power to do so by twice our civilization’s otherwise-collective power put together.

Then, awed by or own creation, we allowed forces outside our collective sphere of morality to guide it.

Just remember that when you’re hearing someone complain about shitty internet speeds or the latest fuckabout by cumcras’t. More importantly, remind them too.

Poetry-Thing Thursday: A New World Emerges

I close my eyes,
for a moment in time,
and a world emerges.

Each time it is different:
inflamed and roiling,
or peaceful, serene.

But each time it changes,
as do I with it,
and I do my best to help you see it.

Perhaps I’m not too great at it.
Perhaps I’m best of all,
but all that matters is you see it.

War-torn. Burning.
Ashes. Embers.
Static-gray sky.

Or verdant, gleaming.
Fields of silent life,
that flits on by.

No matter the place,
I see it true,
and show it to you.

Remaining unique,
is hard in this age,
but I find I must try,

whether for me or you,
I can’t quite be sure,
but it is no less real nor tangible.

So again I close my eyes,
to view a world anew,
hoping, even fighting,
to convey its fruits to you.