Poetry-Thing Thursday: Religion, Religion

Religion religion,
you’re the neck of a pigeon
that seldom sings,
of steely decision.
Your broken wings
both brazen and bold,
tell of a story,
whose moral foretold,
that all will be glory,
lest you’re lost in the cold.

Religion religion,
If I had my way,
I’d throw you aloft,
for all the things that you say.
I’ve no doubt you’re evil,
could doubtless convey,
that religious upheaval,
is moral decay.

Religion, Religion,
Your believers of truth,
deny all the facts,
whose place seems uncouth,
in a reference outcast,
grown long in the tooth.
I hope you outlast,
your ineffable math,
cause religion’s a tool
to oppress lower-caste.

Religion Religion,
my eternal rival,
Religion Religion,
I need not your bible,
nor your prophets, nor Gods,
nor dead watchmen’s words,
for each day’s a revival,
of the Earthly absurd.

Religion, Religion,
without you I wonder,
what could we be,
if the righteous did slumber?
Religion, Religion,
My heart it does lumber,
when I think of the many,
whom you have held under.
Religion, Religion,
I’ve no more to say,
‘cept goodbye, so long,
stay out of my way.

Poetry-Thing Thursday: Fade In

Fade In


Fade in.

We hear:

A pen scratching,

Shouts in the distance.

A shot.



Cold, dark, and blue,

The world turns on you,

and will kill you too.


I have seen in many ways,

the lives of man condemned.

And I have had many days,

with which I must contend.


We can see the mind of God

– What a helpless contraption.

Souls of queens, and kings, and men

– Another mindless abstraction

The hearts of martyrs, saints, and kin,

– but not into ourselves, or not in good fashion.


And if we live well what do we win?

Yet another, fruitless life,

Evermore fading in.

Is it more beauty than hatred or sin,

to be alone in our strife,

never more to fade in?