Who Am I?

Wordsmith of SolI am a writer from Northwest Indiana, near Chicago, primarily working in the Science Fiction genre. Though I’ve kept myself from being constrained to singular labels, Sci-Fi is my literary love, and infects all of my work in some way or another.

Before writing, I  spent years recording and obsessing over music before realizing I was in it for the wrong reasons. Though I love music, and still occasionally play bass, I’ve since moved on to where my efforts are better focused.

At first, that movement brought me to my GED, but after being dissatisfied with the routine nine to five, I sought fulfillment elsewhere. The ideals of both college and work felt they lacked a necessity crucial to a full-life. It was then that an epiphany arrived; I wanted to tell stories!

I’d been writing every day, hoping to achieve something with my music that was better suited to literature. Though I’d once had fleeting aspirations of being a writer, somehow, I’d become one while thinking I was doing something else. I’d recreated things I’d seen in my head, played in video games, or dreamed up in bizarre, over-long and jokey anecdotes, but had never seriously considered myself a writer.

Despite expounding on mind-boggling principles of human nature, and filling notebooks with poetic verses, I’d been blind to the path I’d set out on. That path was revealed to me, at last, with the finished, rough-draft of my first, full-length novel.

Since then, I’ve worked night and day on numerous books, short stories, poems, and other, (presumably) nonsensical miscellanea. Though I specialize in Sci-Fi, I always strive to do new and interesting things with my work. With self-publishing as my medium, I have already produced hundreds of works (available for free, here) and am well on my way to publishing the novels that began my journey so long ago.

My work is my life, and I am grateful for every one of you that takes the time to read it, comment on it, and share or “like” it. Given that I work as much as anyone else, it is extremely humbling to see that sweat and blood greeted, and especially,  embraced. I am always working to plant seeds of excitement and reason, and will continue to do so for life. It is my hope, that together, reader, we may sow those seeds into trees of wisdom and happiness.



5 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Hey, I’m Paris Carter owner of The Bibliomaniacs. We’re launching our magazine line in the fall and we’re looking for short stories, poetry, essays, and art work and we were wondering if you were interested in submitting something to our magazine. If you are feel free contact me.

    ~Paris C. Carter

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    1. Hey Paris, i am Raxtus, from ideajunkyard.wordpress.com. i write haikus on varying topics and would appreciate it if you could have a look at my work and see if it is “magazine worthy”


    1. Thanks for being interested in my work, it made my morning to read your comment! Keep on keepin’ on too, I’ve really enjoyed your stuff thus far.

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