Poetry-Thing Thursday: The Ground Need Not Be Level

I will not go down with the ship,
but I will stand until every last man that can be, is evacuated.
The rest must understand I will send for them.
That my retreat will not be in vain.
That it is but to rally that I rise.

Easy to say,
when you’re not on the ground.
So keep disconnected, never plan to fall back.
Never retreat.
Always hold your ground.
Show them each step is a fight,
and they will not gain.
no matter even, if you lie dead.

Because they too, then,
will see their own wounds.
Forced to contend with them,
or their compounding effects,
will show they are only the more wounded.

Resist corruption.
Carve out its roots.
But accept the fear,
the worry of recursion,
for it is inevitable.

But remain disciplined,
for it tempers the fears,
turns peaks and troughs,
into pebbles beneath your boots.

For the ground need not be level,
if you are.

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