Vignette 1: Dick Nixon’s Blushing

The current political situation in America tells a lot about its majority voters. Even if not pushed toward the eventuality of Resident Dump by external forces, they’d have had to face it sooner or later. This isn’t about wealth, status, class; it’s about a bunch of old racists getting together to try and take back what a black guy and his friends did, right?

It’s all racism, so fuck ’em, right?


Except… hold on. There’s still more to be said. A LOT more. Enough to fill literal volumes.

For brevity’s sake, let us say the aforementioned is a convenient excuse. True, racism played a part, but it is a simple, media smokescreen for the economic-warfare going on. Look only toward corporations, their historical actions from here back to see;

What these folk cling to is green, and green alone.

Ajit Pai is your enemy because he’s dark-skinned. But not because of his dark skin. Rather, because he is a cutthroat opportunist willing to sell his own heritage down the river for a load of corporate green in his face. The spunk-river he and his ilk seek accepts all colors, creeds, origins, and taints them all the same.

In the end, they’re all green.

In some cases, that’s fine.

Really. A place in nature exists for the greedy. They’re the ones that feed on the weakest food until becoming so fat and bloated, they are the weakest. They’ve no place to go but extinct.

Sooner or later, too, their bloated corpses become seas of life, harboring the next phases of something’s evolution. As Earth’s oceans once harbored the quadrupedal amphibians that later became man. They’ll be dead long before the next evolution arises.

Most others too, but why would they care?

These latest Elite disrupting things are sociopaths and sycophants , suckling teats to damn the litter. All the while, never realizing they’re really bottom-feeding objects of shame to their species.

Of that, these creatures most certainly are. Old money is gone by the fifth generation. And they’re empty as it is. There is no more “beyond” for these creatures. They know that. They care for nothing but the power in the moment.

Think critically and stop letting them divide you with dirty tricks, Dick Nixon’s blushing.

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