Preview: Back in Sol Again

Back in Sol Again

(Coming 8/25/17)

In the far away reaches of space, where no-one can hear you scream, where no Solsian creature has ever braved, is one man. Alone. On a ship. With a few thousand others. Like, a massive ship. With lots of supplies. So, really, he’s not all that alone. But he is headed somewhere– maybe.

Dr. Simon Corben is back with his universe of absurdity. With him, as always, is Doctor/Matriarch Niala Martin; a Lioness as gritty as sand-paper and wittier than Twain. (Or so she’d like to think.) The pair find themselves again helming adventure as their ship, Homer, space-jumps through the unknown to scan Earth-like exoplanets in hopes of finding something. What? Anything, really, but it’s only a matter of time.

Before long, that anything attracts separatist Solsians desperate to prove backward ideals. Will those deadly ideals prove more powerful? Or will Simon, Niala, and the others thwart them with the Solsian virtues of justice, patience, and dumb luck? Find out here, August 25th, in Back In Sol Again!

From Chapter 1; Live and Learn… or Not

Presently Simon, like all infatuated creatures– for indeed both cause and effect appear pandemic to the known universe, if not always connected– was about to make a complete and utter ass of himself. How? By doing that most usual of all things; opening his mouth.

Admittedly, he did not compound the situation by speaking, and thus saved himself some hardship. But ultimately, he could not escape the fated stringhe’d sewn himself.

His mouth slacked; opened, as if an occupied bathroom’s unlatched door on a draft. Then, driven by absent mindedness and the draft, it eased the rest of the way open until almost fully ajar. There it remained, its embarrassing contents in full-view long enough to be noticed by the Lionness.

And ridiculed without mercy.

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