Poetry-Thing Thursday: Blue

Cool clear and blue.
Skies of azure hue.
Seas and eyes too.

Soft and sapphic sapphire.
Great lakes and muddied ire.
Swampland turned, cleansed by fire.

Neon gleams of pure cyan.
Spinning skirts dance can-can.
Jeans of denim on a man.

Electric or metallic?
Plain matte or symbolic?
Sweet or salty to lick?

On black or red with white.
Added to darkness or light.
Too sad or it to fight?

A lone color,
that’s all it is.
But so much more,
when you think of it.
So simple,
yet elegant, grand.
Imagine how much,
value is added,
to woman or man,
adult or child,
when viewed as this color,
and its infinite variants.

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