Poetry-Thing Thursday: Our Rise

One day Mars
will be as inhabited
as the earth,
from upon which
we gaze up at the stars.

There we’ll look up,
into a new sky.
Imagine that.
What will we have seen,
when we say good-bye?

And when the universe itself,
fades to black,
what will all of our existence,
have measured to, having begun,
as but a dust-mote on a shelf.

Though it may be,
billions of years
perhaps billions more than that,
will we last?
Or succumb to our fears?

Perhaps we’ll have seen,
or at least dreamed,
of our greatness being sown,
and our species’ rise,
from the blue and green.

This marble unto which,
we once were born:
shall it have been forever our prison?
Or will the cage have we flown,
looking to the stars we adorn?

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