Poetry-Thing Thursday: Your Life

If I had my way,
I’d take back the night,
from those whom stray,
from the path of right,

and in return,
I’d give them the afternoon,
the mornings and twilight,
so the rest could be ours.

I’ve no need of sun.
Sandy beaches.
Nor surging crowds.
I have my fun,
with written pages,
and alt-reality shrouds.

Some say I’m lazy,
or not quite sane,
but after all it’s my life,
and I live it for me.

No matter your pleasure,
so long as it’s tame,
enjoy it at leisure,
indulge in the game.

‘Cause it is your life,
and yours alone,
you have only one,
so indulge it your way.

And forget what is said,
by those unimportant,
for a gift to the head,
is much less abhorrent,

than a punch to the gut,
by those that scoff,
cannot revel in opportunity,
no matter how uncouth.

It is your life,
and yours alone,
and there’s no sharper-knife,
than one made,
from one’s own bones!

5 thoughts on “Poetry-Thing Thursday: Your Life

      1. I definitely understand the feeling. Part of me is just too stubborn to take more than a day or two away from writing. So I end up with my three posts a week– though I’d like to hit myself in the head with a mallet to force a break sometimes…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I get that! I took a break from WP but not from tweeting 🙂 I find tweeting poems less “formal”; I can do it when I just have couple minutes here and there during the day.


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