Bonus Poem: About the Future…

When in space,
do not do as we humans do.
We fire men and women up,
to sit alone,
watching Earth from orbit,
and convince ourselves,
that we’re fighting the good fight.

half a world away,
a corporation is making greater strides,
than the whole world,
during the Cold War.
Is this how we want,
to leave the earth?
Our legacy, built on dollar signs,
corporate lines, extorted fines?

a whole planet,
owned by a corporation;
charging for food,
water, land, air.
No regulation. No oversight.
No-one arguing for civil rights,
nor human decency or pollution laws.

Think carefully about the future,
no matter how far ahead.
We’ve begin laying a foundation,
on unstable ground,
one that might topple,
the very future,
we seek to build atop it.

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