Preview: Into Her Darkness

Coming Next Week: Into Her Darkness

Crystal Kane has been homeless since she turned 18. Abandoned by her parents, her friends, and life, her downward spiral has been mirrored by a society that cast her out. At 28, all of that is about to change– at least for her.

A young woman named Angela deposits herself beside Crystal in a diner. Reeking, haggard, and certain a mistake has been made, Crystal is presented with an offer she can’t refuse: agree to follow Angela, and she may turn Crystal’s life around for the better. The caveat? Crystal must agree to become a thief-for-hire, after a time. Admittedly uncertain, Crystal finds it best to pursue the offer if only for a solid meal.

But as time passes, darker secrets begin to surface. Angela’s mysterious past looks to be on track to catch up with her. Crystal is set to wind up in the cross-fire. Would she rather return to homeless street-living, or stand beside her new mentor and friend risking certain death?

Into Her Darkness is the first in a new series of novellas chronicling the rise of a thief to master status. Set in a semi-futuristic world where technology is as abundant as the oppressed and downtrodden, Into Her Darkness will have you thieving for more! It all starts here next Friday, January 27th. Don’t miss it!

Excerpt from Chapter 1 “Honor Amongst Thieves”

If Crystal’d had any feelings left, she’d have probably found herself both envious and aroused by the woman. It wasn’t that she was liked women, but rather, that this one exuded such cocky confidence as to make her immediately both unlikable and unyieldingly desirable. The paradoxical nature alone forced Crystal’s eyes to linger on her.

The woman met her eyes. “You know, if you cleaned up, you’d be good looking. You want a job?”

Crystal’s brow furrowed, “I’m not a whore, if that’s what you’re asking.”

The woman threw her head back with a laugh. “Honey, if I wanted a whore, I’d be asking the broads outside.” Crystal wasn’t amused. The woman’s face reformed seriously, “No, I need a woman rough enough to handle herself, but soft enough to look good. If you’re interested, just say yes. There’ll be a point of no return. Any time you want out before say so, but once you’re past it, you’re locked in. Got it?”

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