Poetry-Thing Thursday: LCD Calamity

When you’re in,
think of me.

Virtual Insanity.
LCD Calamity.
When you’re out again,
forget how to be.

For the ‘net is quite large,
and has a lean to take charge.

Bit currency.
Arcs in light we see,
to throttle us with ferocity.

When corruptibility,
is formatted glee,
we’ll be forced to take knee,
risk our lives or flee.

Then will float a barge,
with our corpses as its only charge.

burning to ashes around me.

Cyberpunk scene.
Streets unclean.
Veins of pink and blue and green,
striate what little Humanity can glean.

Web 2.0 turned to dust,
in favor of corporate lust.

Corporate manatee.
Greed vanity,
ruling iron-fistedly.

Where poverty,
becomes artistry,
only to utterly,
destroy equality.

Beware of the creature,
of man-made feature,
and hydra-headed preacher,
for it is no teacher.

listen to your head,
or you’ll find dead,
those liberty bred,
from the LCD,
and Cyberpunk dread.

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