Preview: Hijack

Coming next week: Hijack

Lone-Wolfe Shipping’s refusal to phase out drivers for A-I Rigs has caused their so-called “non-compliance” to turn public opinion against them. Owner/operator and CEO of Lone-Wolfe, Gail Wolfe, must attempt to discredit the perception before it puts she and her employees on the street.

In a world where money is power, the mega-corp trying to buy her out is a God. It’s also become the number one suspect in the sudden death of one of Gail’s veteran drivers. Unfortunately, she cannot even begin forming accusations against them until she learns the true cause of the accident that killed him. Investigating it proves more difficult than anticipated though as red tape and road-blocks appear at every turn.

Follow Gail as she and her ace mechanics battle the forces allied against them to uncover the truth before Lone-Wolfe’s drivers are out of a job– or worse. Can Gail clear Lone-Wolfe’s name, or will she find herself wheels-up, her company and drivers beside her?

Hijack is a Sci-Fi novella beautifully mixing intrigue, emergent technology, and transnational shipping with the ethical dilemma of automation in human-made industry. You won’t want to miss a single moment! Read it here, starting November 4th, on the Logbook!


Presently, Gail was focused on the back-office and the silhouette behind its frosted glass. She stopped to hand a file to Walt Thacker, a dispatcher with a beer-gut larger every time she saw it.

“Latest pay,” Gail said unceremoniously. “Make sure Brianne gets it before shift-change.”

He grunted an “eh,” in reply.

Truth was, she didn’t care to hear his Hutt-like wheezes anyhow. She glanced at the frosted glass, checked her watch, 7:30 on the dot. “Who’s here?”

Xavier Knaggs replied, “Suit.”

Gail’s face turned red and she stormed for the office, “Son of a bitch!”

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