Poetry-Thing Thursday: A Neutral Hue

This soil you hate,
can’t relate,
to the tedious fate,
that you berate.

My sixth sense,
your offense.
Pitching tents,
or paying rents?

It’s not for us,
this world of green and blue.
If not for us,
you’d know what to do.
Fighting in a fuss,
you and your eponymous crew.
We all just turn to dust,
all become one neutral hue.

a holy trinity,
no divinity.
Closing off my affinity,
for a dose of your virginity.

My Queen,
in a summer scene.
Sit and preen,
in your blue-jeans.

It’s not for us,
this world that I’ve left you.
If not for us,
I’d never be on cue.
Fighting in a fuss,
the little ones know more’n we do.
We’ll just turn to dust,
all become a neutral hue.

Tongue twister.
A step-sister,
could’a missed ‘er,
but gotta’ blister
from her glister.

Darwin’s rival.
They hid a bible,
with a tribal,
she raged at Cybele.

I wish I could say,
what more you should take away,
from life and love, it’ll be okay,
but only if you stay,
wait awhile, let come what may.

Mad hatter.
A blood splatter,
in your batter.
I’ll come to shatter,
your love-latter.

Sickened rage,
at my blank page.
a space-age.

It’s not for us,
this time and place won’t do.
If not for us,
you wouldn’t need the glue.
Fighting in a fuss,
with a heart that knew,
we’d just turn to dust
all become a neutral hue.
You and me and the stars too.

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