Poetry-Thing Thursday: Let Go

Close your eyes.
Hear my voice.
No, not that one.
Yes, the other one.

Imagine you and me,
side by side,
atop damp sand,
before an endless sea.

This is a moment,
we may never experience,
except in words and images,
conveyed through ink or text.

Still we must admit,
that this is sacred,
hearts open, giving, receiving,
as we walk or stand or sit.

So here in this moment,
I feel obligated to tell,
that we have no need for gods,
or hate, or greed,
that beauty is all we need.

These words are not,
meant to stir anger nor spite,
but rather to show that wisdom,
is what has been forgot.

So here in this moment,
as the tides kiss our feet,
accept my wisdom-plea,
and let go of what you do not need.

When the heart is free,
its burdens relieved,
clarity will set in.
And here by the sea,
you and I will feed,
on the most atrocious “sin”–
open minds and hearts,
and wisdom, the key.

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