Poetry-Thing Thursday: The Ball for Society

Leave the world better than you entered it,
or else don’t come at all.
‘Cause laziness is rife with indecision,
and society’s come to call.

Its lights are on,
and the porch awaits,
for you to sit upon.
So take your place.

Not merely one of you,
but all.
Change can’t happen otherwise–
no matter how big or small.

Stiffen your lips,
so that all may see,
and come sway your hips,
at the Ball for Society.

Where wit and wisdom’s profound,
and blood from your heart does pour,
So use it, or lose it on the sound,
of your ass hitting the floor.

For if we don’t help the world grow,
than no-one will,
or even show,
but there’s work to do still.

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