Poetry-Thing Thursday: Honor’s Task

Do you know happiness?
Can you feel love’s caress?
Have you braved happenstance?
Could you learn to ballroom dance?

Is there immaturity,
in any of what you breathe or see?
Or is the wool pulled perfectly,
over your eyes with certainty?

Have you smelled the burning wood,
of a pyre set, if not you should.
Could you think of a time you’d stand,
give the down-trodden a helping hand?

Will you ever be much more
than what you’ve already been before?
If not would you open the door, walk out,
so another might enter for a bout?

Enclosed are these questions I am forced to ask,
not at gunpoint or in conceit, but as honor’s task.
If more explanation you require,
put your feet to the fire–

We all have a responsibility,
to life and world, man and country.
For it is we whom made them,
and are the only hope to save them.

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