Poetry-Thing Thursday: Stitch up the Seams

Lift up a pen,
to stitch up the seams,
For evil is never as cumbersome,
as beauty or dreams.

One keeps you frightened,
with heart full of dread.
The other’s enlightened.
The last one undead.

A mistress of maidens,
cloaked in the light,
for evil works best,
under cover of night.

So let your heart be like the poles,
with weekfuls of day,
emitted by pen-hand and souls,
and ink in main-stay.

Just count to ten,
then stitch up the seams.
Let ink flow til day-come,
with images, beauty, and dreams.

3 thoughts on “Poetry-Thing Thursday: Stitch up the Seams

    1. Thank you! I had a choice between a few poems to post this week and I felt this was better for the general mood of the internet and wordpress lately. I hope it helps to inspire dreams of ink and the inking of dreams.

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