Poetry-Thing Thursday: Entertain The Dead

Breathe fire.
Light my pyre.
Beat the funeral drum,
feel the rhythm.

Entertain the dead,
no matter your dread,
for their station is long,
and they’re in need of song.

Bring them together,
and incite with a feather,
that tickles their minds and hearts,
ensures they play their parts.

For the passed,
will always outlast,
those of us whom on the Earth live,
ever-subject to death’s sieve.

Embrace the lovers,
fight the fighters,
enchain those that wish to be,
and chase those that wish to flee.

Whatever their poison,
choose it with poise ‘n,
embrace them eternally.
Only then can we be free–

Free to see,
What life’s passing eternity,
has for the liberated,
only then might hunger be sated,
And only then might life thus be rated,
and only then might the risks go un-stated,
and only then might the created,
find peace and entertain the dead.

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