Poetry-Thing Thursday: The Devil You Know

So what do you want then?
– You dead,
out of my heart and back to my head again.
– You’ll never change,
always the same
– It is my passion, it is my pain.
-After all these lessons,
you’ve learned nothing of rain.

Let it fall heavily,
Feel it drain,
Tickles you sensually,
pleasures your brain.

It’s all perception,
just have a good time.
A fragmented inception,
of one in my mind.
Even so, never forget,
It teaches regret,
And Pain to learn from,
but never let sit.

Maybe you’re right,
and maybe they’re gone,
but perhaps they never mattered,
that much at all.

I felt they did once,
and my heart took the punch.
But now I’ve let them ring,
Never waited for angels to sing,
Nor the for the heaves to pen,
sound out their dreams.

Be what you will,
but do be it soon,
for there’s devils within you–
one that can swoon,
and one that will kill.

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