Poetry-Thing Thursday: And I’ve Gone Blind

And I’ve Gone Blind


She said,

I like the way you dress

I said,

I’d like to know you best


When the winter came,

only sadness.

Then a new-formed spring,

with her forever-rest.


Along a winding road,

life passed us by,

while we were told,

nothing but to die.


Were we affected,

by love’s demise?

Or just afflicted,

by toxic sighs?


I’ve no certainties,

now nor does she.

A life long passed,

her eyes no longer see.


But paid in time,

eager ‘n serpentine,

my eyes have grayed,

and I’ve gone blind.


I cannot see,

what lies inside of me.

All my sense,

in past tense.


Am I dead,

far from life’s caress?

Where do I tread?

For sight I do not possess.


And I am blind,

to any happiness.

Hell-bound, without kind,

I have failed the test.

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