Poetry-Thing Thursday: In a Dream

In a Dream


Everything happens in a dream.


The sound of water falling,

peaceful and serene.

Circus acts of manhood,

sinful and unclean.

The chaos of war a-calling

the sound of death, a scream.


in a dream.


Everything happens in a dream.


Love and pain.

Anger untamed.

Emotions of a thousand deaths,

both graceful and constrained.


In a dream I come to you,

o’er the sounds of water falling,

brimming with a certain hue,

silence and peace both stalling.


In a dream you come to me,

bringing chaos and destruction.

All the while wander we,

through the path of life’s obstruction.


Then with the first sun’s rays,

we sit and rise, awake,

greeting each of our new days,

while within us these we take.

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