Poetry-Thing Thursday: Or Be You Now…

Or Be You Now…


We are all awaiting death,

with each day that goes by.

Slow and cool,

or on a warm-summer’s night–

neither too far from here.


Faint tongues whisper through broken forests.

Rivers flow blood all the way to the sea.

Inside cry out, someone come to your need

But you’re all alone, with only death to heed.


In your mind, silently accept,

that one day will come a death.

Do not, however, hold fear,

for that end is ever-nearer, and this truth ever-clearer.


We are born not of this Earth,

But of a place we all hold dear.

Upward within us,

Perhaps by the ear.


Inside out again,

but never with this intent.

To love, respect, propel

all things to contentment.


Blissful inside,

but outside pain?

Have you, my friend, heard nothing of rain?

Born of pleasure, but more than sin,

We’ll heal to suffer it,

all over again.


Listen here, listen here.

Nothing could be more clear

further, nor near,

nothing could be worse than fear.

But nothing is all– see it clear.

The stars, the skies, the blackness,

ne’er to re-appear.


So, of all the life,

and all the lust,

in the end,

all death and dust.

Be the one who calls the loss,

finds truth and beauty,

in all that’s crossed.


Inside-outside all over again.

All inside perhaps we’ll live,

with only happiness left to give,

No coming back again, just as its read.

Waiting forever ’til life re-begins?

Nothing like starting all over again.


A chance to lose?

Perhaps one to take?

Not a choice yet to be made.

Yet the only truth,

in all that’s formed,

is the truth of the Mind,

and to death we’ll conform.


Now whence of death you flee,

perhaps you’ll stop to see,

what it is I’ve sent.

Not a message of belief,

nor one of repent.

Only one of ending grief–

live in the moment,

or be you now, deceased.

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