Poetry-Thing Thursday: What You Are

What You Are


Basking contentedly in the nature of mind,

so close to becoming,

awaiting only time.


Patience is a virtue,

always have I said.

Nothing more, nothing less,

than realizing you’re never dead.


Forever we go,

eternally bound,

to a wheel of misfortune,

spinning contemptibly ’round.


All the strength you need

you’ll get,

whether or not

you see it yet.



I believe,

to suffer is healing,

and less to bleed.

More to relieve than to forget,

it’s what we’ve been through

that’ll makes us all yet.


Realization comes quicker now,

and easy are the days,

arising swiftly,

to clear away the haze.


Warm midnight star-shine,

cool summer sun,

love is all around us,

love is everyone.


Asking always,

to ne’er reply.

But here we bridge the gap,

between matter and mind,

between energy and essence,

the sick and divine.

All fear fades slowly,

sliding ever-down the vine.


Draining from the spine

like flashes of third-sight,

they drift further in kind,

to become what will always be,

the true nature of mind.





All perception, experience,

all ways– opinion.


Fact from fiction.

Is from was.

What will be,

can never be,

what once it was.


Never fear!

Never fear!

Logic is ever-near.

To induce the mind,

deduce the heart,

and see what you find:


Love is all.

And compassion will come.

But remember always,

what you’ll become,

never leave,

bad enough alone–

For tomorrow’s another,

and rest, relaxation, and happiness succumb.

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