Poetry-Thing Thursday: Finding the Sea Part 7

Finding The Sea



now she knows,

all we are

is born to grow.

While overhead,

does the crow

fly silently,


We’re meant to grow,

love, then low.

The truth is here,

found below,

deep inside for all to know.



as we roam,

she says she’d always known.


We walk for days,

until the first sun’s rays,

show the sea ahead, ablaze.


Now we venture,

ever hesitant,

into a land,

thought non-existent.

As the sun beats upon us,

though ever-distant,

happiness is ever-truant,

All good things ever-resistant.


– So what now?

I can’t leave your side,

together we’ll live,

’til one day we die,

while all around us does the sky.

tell us one great lie.

Does your heart inside,

lift, then quietly sigh?

Or does your mind,

start to cry.

– Inside I’ll never die.

Outside you’ll whither, just try,

to break mortality, defy.

All we know is alive.


Love will ever haunt you,

but does the specter of myself,

born in slow doom,

bother you if it ever looms,

behind the darkened corners,

of your high-noon?


“It must stay,”

she does say,

“For I too, one day will decay.

But nothing will change the love,

I have found here today.


Truth is all, tell me now,

is inside you the same vow?

Or is my heart ever in vain,

meant forever to abrade the pain?”


All I know, is all I say,

Love, friend,

love and death are the world.

Remember that when you reach the sea.

Remember it and on that day,

you’ll no longer have need of me.

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