Poetry-Thing Thursday: Finding the Sea Part 6

Death in the Desert


She stirs now,

after realization.

Some say,

I should take precaution.


Oh Forgotten Love!

In broken way

Where is thy dove,

on this day?


She rolls to me.

I hold her close.

Oh the sweet smell,

that she invokes.


I stare for a while,

deep in memory.

I see her smile,

now for my fee.


Here I am,

back again.

That old hill,

full of sin.


She was good,

again and again.

All over the neighborhood,

moaning in sin.


Green here are the fields,

ripe with luxurious wine,

full of thoughts of madness,

in and out of time.


She got hers,

time for mine.



we’ll go up further,

far-side low,

beyond the observers.

I can feel wind blow,

around in my soul.


“I love you.”

What a thing to do.

– To learn to live?

To become a fool.


Suddenly a flash,

and I’m cool.

She next to me,

we lost at what to do.


No shelter for miles

and now in the desert,

surrounded by wet sand,

we muster smiles.


At least we wont die of thirst.

– Or from the cold.

Though the day will come I’m told.


Here it’s come to rains!

– In the desert?

Who says you can predict weather.


She looks at me,


and sits.

– I love the rain.

I know it.

– So how,

do you do it?

– Make it all make sense?

See others through it.


She looks me over,

again and again.


I’ll tell you this;

nobody knows,

how much we are inside.

Nobody cares,

about all we try to hide,

as long as they live,

comfortably to die.


Love, friend,

love and death are the world.


Vibrate with pleasure,



And I will show you,

all the more hesitant.


If you can love,

find it for me.

I will show,

all there is to see.

Then your decision,

will it be,

how this world,

you want to leave.

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