Poetry-Thing Thursday: Finding the Sea Part 3

The First Few Steps

Taking the first few steps

– Sand?

White hot.

Fills your shoes.

Blistering, scolding pain.


The way we came from,

miles behind in high sun.

A road, it seems,

of broken dreams.


After all that was our call,

to come, learn to fall.


Wandering group of scoundrels,

dead by midday in fright.

– Nothing out here is worth this.

Is nothing worth a fight?


Two have turned,

in time to return,

to what they see inside.

Now it is all but her and I.


Do you know why I made you come,

I say to the one.

– To show how strong I’ll become?

To teach that you are one.


– Great creator of stars!

What meaningless words

Who was so willing,

to go this far?


She sits,



Oh Desert,

absent of beauty!

All alone,

– A desolate reality?


We are far from home.


We must push forward,

through the heat.

We must not stop.

– Not even to drink?



will come softly called.

Waiting until we are ready,

to drift steadily,

away from all.


I promise you this;

you’ll see yourself–

You’ll see us all

as minds that never stall.

You’ll wander in waste,

but have no distaste,

for time is the only appalled.


– Oh hazy of heavens!

– This heated hell!

No more does the mind tell?

– No more words are needed!

When all you’ve left is to read it?

– Away from all those whom dwell?

Only so long as no-one from their hell,

comes knocking for midnight hotel.


All of the people, in all of the world

All of the boys, and all of the girls

need a guiding hand today.

So in the desert we pray.

– For peace to come to all?

For those who fail to stand tall.


It’s all in the heart

– and in the mind?

Just play your part,

for all of your kind.

Show them how to find the sea,

out in the desert, amid empty pleas.


Do you know the stars,

And do you stare up afar?

Something guiding you, somewhere,

neither near, nor far.


Feelings of doubt.


My feelings carry clouds,

you dig me?


So young and new,

but look deep in her eyes,

do the depths

show no reprise?



Never, my friend.

Never before,

and never again.

So many say, but only pretend.

What of the ones, whom never bend?

Never fake it, or falter,

never break their intent?


They are the ones that make it out to sea.

Out to waves breaking in glee.

Does no-one but we see?

The few, the proud,

all we may be.

Out in the desert,

searching for the sea!


We push forward,

determined and set.

Yet something on the horizon,

causes us jest.


A flash of camel, and memory,

of things the way they used to be.


Amid all inside we,

feel tingling uncertainty,

as we walk deeper through,

the Desert of Lost Memory.

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