Poetry-Thing Thursday: Finding the Sea Parts 1&2

So I wanted to try something different for today. If you read my “Who am I?” page, you’ll notice I’ve mentioned poetry. Now, I’ve tried to keep some things consistent with it, but I’m not a true poet. That said, I still feel it’s worth sharing.

This is parts 1 and 2 of something much longer that will be spread out over the next few weeks. As usual, other stories are still to come, and I am hoping to get to a point where I can post more regularly than twice a week, if possible.

For now, enjoy!

Finding The Sea Parts 1 & 2



Come with me into the desert,

but hold no fear.

It’ll do you no good,

not there, not here.


Come with me,

and bring your home,

for there you will be,

truly alone.


We’ll get lost,

in the cold ‘n dry unknown.

Emptiness faltering,

as we wind and roam.


Come with me into the desert,

I’ll help you lose your way.


Let go of all.

All is none,

or some for none.

Nothing is what it seems.

We are all figments,

of our wildest dreams


What’s the one who’s called to come?

Nothing more than the other one.

Words, the gift, I’ll give you mine,

Just follow me into,

the Desert of Mind.


The Roadhouse


When I was young,

we didn’t need fun.

We used our hearts,

our minds,



Motorcycle madness through neighborhood streets.

Girls who made the days more sweet.


Angry child under wraps,

sees the pain, unhappiness.

What’s the reason to feel alone?

Here, we’ll take rest upon this stone.


The Roadhouse.

Tall and near.


for the ones of fear.


Biker-bar, drunken-shroud,

light to lead the way.

Fast car, broken crowd,

fight no more today.

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